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​​​​​Marine Te​​ch Talk is a show about Teledyne Marine's technologies that are enabling discovery and efficient and safe work practices in our oceans and inland waterways. Hosted by ​​Melissa Rossi, a Marketing Director at Teledyne Marine, Marine Tech Talk features customers and their quest for knowledge, more efficient work environments, safety, environmental conservation, and more.  From following North Atlantic Right Whales off the coast of New Brunswick, to advocating and designing a new fishing method that can prevent accidental whale entanglements and mortality, our guests span industries and the globe. Meet commercial fishermen turned advocates, marine construction service providers, and researchers and technicians from prestigious universities and government agencies that are all using Teledyne Marine's technologies to solve some of the to​​​​ughest challenges on the planet.​​

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Episode 5

Studying Ice Shelves in the Western Ross Sea 


Guest: Dr. Alexander Forrest, Associate Prof​essor Environmental Robotics Laboratory, Civil Engineering, UC Davis

On this episode of Marine Tech Talk we hear from Dr. Alexander Forrest, an Associate Professor for the Environmental Robotics Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Forrest's group focuses on applying autonomous robotic systems, like AUVs and gliders, outfitted with seafloor mapping and water column measurement sensors to examine how localized topography influences water flow in lakes and nearshore coastal zones in the ocean.

If you have any questions or comments about this show you can email host Melissa Rossi at MarineTechTalk@teledyne.com. ​


Previous Episodes​​

Episode 4​
Sonar Provides “Eyes Underwater” for Marine Construction 


​​​Guest: Lou Nash, President and founder of Measutronics Corporation​

On this episode of Marine Tech Talk we're speaking with Lou Nash, the president and founder of Measutronics Corporation. Measutronics is a marine positioning, guidance and underwater imaging company that specializes in marine construction solutions, and first discovered the benefits of Teledyne BlueView's BV5000 scanning sonar in 2015.

Lou leads the company in technology acquisition and systems integration, and he is also an adjunct professor teaching Marine Geomatics at the University of Florida.

Episode 3​
How Scientists Count Krill in the Antarctic


​Guest: George Watters, PhD., Director, Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division, NOAA Fisheries University​

How exactly do you make an accurate count of one of the most abundant animal species on the planet? On the latest episode of the Marine Tech Talk podcast, host Melissa Rossi traveled to the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego in 2019 to speak with Dr. George Watters, the Director of NOAA Fisheries' Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division (AERD). The AERD conducts research with the specific aim of providing scientific advice on the management of fisheries around Antarctica. Learn more about the fisheries management work conducted by NOAA in the Antarctic ecosystem and follow all of NOAA Fisheries' latest work via Twitter​. ​

Episode 2​
Identifying and Protecting Wh​ales with Gliders


​Guest: Jude Van der Meer, Glider Technician, Dalhousie University​

In this episode, Jude, who serves on the Coastal Environmental Observation Technology and Research team (CEOTR) and works with Dalhousie's fleet of gliders, talks about how the Slocum gliders are used for whale monitoring, predominantly in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Roseway Basin. ​

​​Episode 1
Can Ropeless Fishing Save The ​Whales?

Guest: Captain Richard Riels, Executive Director of SMELTS​

On the debut episode, Richard discusses the negative events associated with whale entanglement by fishing gear and his innovative lineless lobster traps, incorporating Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Communication equipment.​