Teledyne BlueView 2D & 3D Sonar​​

​Teledyne BlueView, Inc. provides state-of-the-art compact acoustic imaging, measurement solutions for navy, energy, civil engineering, transportation and port security applications worldwide.

Since its founding in 2005, BlueView has pioneered new technologies in high-resolution underwater acoustic imaging and measurement. BlueView delivers mission critical instruments for underwater navigation, monitoring, survey, and detection.

Our Mission…

To be the preferred provider of acoustic underwater visio​n and measurement solutions.

Our Business…

We provide acoustic underwater vision and measurement solutions that enable safe, secure, accurate, and efficient underwater operations.

We draw our inspiration from the dedication of the underwater operators we serve with a deep appreciation for the challenges they face daily, and strive to deliver solutions that make their jobs easier.

To date more than 500 BlueView systems are installed worldwide. Teledyne BlueView's advanced sonar systems are currently deployed on AUVs, ROVs, surface vessels, fixed positions, and portable platforms, and have been adopted by leading manufacturers and service providers to support mission critical operations. BlueView customers enjoy a low cost of ownership with reliable operation, exceptional service, in-person training, extensive online information, and worldwide after-sale support.​

High-resolution structural inspection of flooded tunnel using BlueView T2250 360° Multibeam Profiling Sonar and Teledyne PDS >

2D Imaging Sonar Selected by National University of Singapore's Bumblebee AUV Robotics Team >

BlueView multibeam profiler demonstrated with Teledyne PDS Motion Scan and Lidar at WODCON >

So You Want to Save Energy - A Unique Application of 3-D Multibeam Sonar Technology and Best Practices to Optimize Sediment Removal Operations at Port Facilities >

Measutronics' customers improve survey efficiency on marine construction projects with BlueView's motion compensated 3D scanning system >

Port of Grays Harbor Innovates to Reduce Energy Consumption of Jet Array Pumping System Using Turnkey Sonar and Monitoring Solution >


Teledyne BlueView's 2D Imaging Sonar Selected by Cornell University's Robotics Team >

Drowning Victim Recovered in Lake Mead Using 2D Imaging Sonar on ROV >

The Minnesota Department of transportation using  a Mechanical Scanning Sonar from Teledyne BlueView for infrastructure inspection, condition surveys, scour monitoring, undercut imaging and post construction verification >

New techniques for underwater bridge and structure inspection >                                                                                       

Pedu Dam VideoRay Sonar Survey >

BlueView P900-90 Equipment Placement >

Blueview P900-130 ROV Based Culvert Inspection >

BlueView - High-Resolution 3D Side Scan Gap Fill for AUVs >

BlueVIew - High-Resolution 3D Dam Outflow Tubes Inspection >

BlueView 3D Underwater Bridge Inspection >

BV5000 3D Mechanical Scanning Sonar >

3D Spool P​iece Metrology Testing >

Document Library

A collection of white papers and documentation relating to Teledyne BlueView products.

Conventional Multibeam Configuration using Teledyne BlueView MB-Series sonar - White Paper:  Describes setup and operation details of Teledyne BlueView MB-series sonars in conventional multibeam configurations, utilizing third party survey software packages

Teledyne BlueView MotionScan Comparison with Conventional Multibeam - White Paper:  Describes a case study in which the Teledyne BlueView 3D scanning solution, MotionScan, is compared with a conventional multibeam survey in an identical survey test case.  Reviews accuracy parameters and details of the MotionScan system

Teledyne BlueView Usage in Potable Water - MSDS Documentation: Provides information and Material Safety Data Sheets associated with all external components on a standard Teledyne BlueView system
Teledyne BlueView P-Series Sonar Maximum Source Level Analysis - White Paper: Describes the measurement of the maximum transmit source level (SL) as a function of azimuthal angle (horizontal) for the P900/2250-45 and P450-130 sonars
Spool Piece BV5000 Application - White Paper: Describes a case study in which the Teledyne BlueView BV5000 3D scanning sonar is used in a spool piece metrology application
Teledyne BlueView System Maintenance - Procedure Document: Outlines best-practice maintenance procedure for all Teledyne BlueView sonar systems to ensure optimal data acquisition and prolong the life of the system
Teledyne BlueView Common System/Cable Pinout Diagrams: Outlines cable pinouts for all standard Teledyne BlueView connector types
Registration of Point Clouds Obtained by Teledyne BlueView BV5000 Using Cyclone from Leica Geosystems

​Sales & Product Inquiries​​

Headquartered in Denmark, Teledyne BlueView has offices in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Shanghai. And you'll find Teledyne BlueView representatives ready to help you around the world. Contact BlueVIew >

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Teledyne Imaging Offices

Teledyne Blueview is together with Teledyne RESON and Teledyne Odom Hydrographic and Teledyne Bowtech​​ part of the imaging group. On the following locations, we can support any of the imaging brands. 

Imaging headquarters

Teledyn​e RESON A/S
Fabriksvangen 13
3550 Slangerup
TEL: +45 4738 0022

VAT: dk 56675817

Offices in Europe

Teledyne Marine UK office
ABZ Business Park
International Avenue
AB21 0BH
Scotland, UK
TEL: +44 (0)1224 772345 
FAX: +44 (0)1224 772900

Teledyne RESON B.V.

Stuttgartstraat 42-44
3047 AS Rotterdam
TEL: +31 (0)10 245 15 00
FAX: +31 (0)10 245 15 55

Teledyne RESON, a division of Teledyne GmbH

Silbermannstr. 10
28217 Bremen
TEL: +49 421 3770 9600​

​Offices in the United States 

Teledyne RESON Inc.
1026 N Williamson Blvd
Daytona Beach
FL 32114
United States
TEL +1 805-233-3900​​

Offices in China 

Teledyne Marine Shanghai Office
Room1006,10th Floor
Century Link Tower One
No.1198 Century Avenue
Pudong District,
Shanghai 200122
TEL +(86-21) 6876 8038/39 6876 1428
FAX +(86-21) 58303141
MOB/CELL +86 150 0036 2610
[email protected]​​​​​​​

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