Teledyne Bolt's History
In the 1960s, Teledyne Bolt, originally known as Bolt Technology Corporation, revolutionized marine seismic exploration with the introduction of air gun technology.  Since then, Bolt Technology has been the leading energy source supplier to the marine seismic industry. Teledyne Technologies acquired Bolt in November 2014. ​

About Bolt​

The original PAR Air Gun was invented in the early 1960s, and soon became the predominant marine seismic energy source. Since the company introduced the Marine Air Gun in 1964, Teledyne Bolt has been the world's leading designer and manufacturer of seismic energy sources. Teledyne Bolt continues to supply a wide range of seismic energy sources intended for application to all phases of exploration and production seismology. 

Teledyne Bolt's leadership in energy source technology extends beyond the design and manufacture of air guns. The company provides custom air gun array design for every application including shallow water hydrocarbon exploration, deep basin hydrocarbon exploration and deep-crustal seismology studies. Array designs are computer modeled and optimized using the latest software. Special configurations can be quickly evaluated and new products are characterized in periodic tests at an instrumented test facility. Teledyne Bolt's expertise in the development of impulse generating devices has also been applied to such diverse fields as soil consolidation, well de-scaling, well remediation and fish deterrence. 

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