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Benthos was founded in 1962 by Samuel O. Raymond in North Falmouth, Massachus​etts, a few miles from the research facilities at the world-renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. During its first three decades, the company focused on supplying underwater equipment to military and government markets, especially the scientific community. Early in the 1990's, in response to changing market dynamics, the company shifted its priorities to meet the growing needs of commercial markets. This included the geophysical industry, where Benthos products and systems were used in the search for offshore oil and gas deposits, as well as scientific research and envionmental applications. In 1999, Benthos acquired the products of Datasonics, Inc. a maker of geophysical survey equipment, underwater modems, and locator devices. In 2006, Benthos was acquired by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and is now known as Teledyne Benthos. As a strategic business unit of Teledyne Marine Systems, the products and technologies at Teledyne Benthos support high performance, low logistics requirements and the growing need for networked undersea systems in all sectors of the global market. 

A Rich History 
Teledyne Benthos has made many contributions to ocean science and technology since 1962. Products and capabilities at Benthos have evolved along with the technology available, scientific questions posed and mission requirements presented. Our products are based on state-of-the-art technology and the commitment of our team to ensure our customers' success.  

Teledyne Benthos is now a member of Teledyne Marine. Benthos' products span the Teledyne Marine Instruments technology vertical, manufacturing a wide range of acoustic communication products, positioning and recovery ​solutions that work independently or together as combined undersea systems.​

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