Teledyne RESON Underwater Acoustics ​​​

Teledyne RESON, together with Teledyne BlueView and Teledyne Odom Hydrographic make up the Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group (TMAIG). We develop some of the world's most sophisticated sonar technology. The group offers the strongest collective product portfolio in the market for subsea acous​tic imaging and multibeam echosounder solutions.​

TMAIG has manufacturing, research & development, sales, and after service functions at the headquarters in Denmark, as well as in Holland, UK and the USA. Furthermore,​ it has sales offices in Germany and Shanghai and supports local sales through a network of distribution partners in more than 47 countries.​

We offer sonar solutions in a variety of application areas including offshore, hydrography, civil engineering and dredging as well as defense & security

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Case studies 

Dual Head SeaBat T20-P collects more efficient data, improving all round data coverage and survey efficiency >

Cost Effective Pipeline Surveys –using FlexMode and Teledyne PDS >

Surveying Wrecks around Estonia >

Data images from the Multibeam Survey of the HMS Hampshire wreck site >

CARIS Onboard - near real-time hydrographic data processing >

Ultra-high Resolution MB Echosounder and Laser Scan Survey in Elbe, Germany >

Combined Laser/Multibeam Sonar Survey of Sydney Harbor >

Mini video documentary – Creating a custom deep tow vehicle >

Combined Bathymetry & Laser Surveys [Developing a Robust Workflow] >

The history of the SeaBat Sonar >

First demonstrations of the SeaBat 7130 together with Teledyne PDS >

Integration of Multiple Reson and BlueView Sonars >

Teledyne RESON SeaBat 7150 C portable Echos​ounder >

Seabed reinforcement of the Little Belt Railway Bridge in Denmark >

Surveying, Dredging and Monitoring Fluid Mud in a Commercial Port >

A combined laser and bathymetric survey, Sydney 2014 >

Sea and Airborne Laboratory for Canada's North Hydrographic Surveying >

High-quality surveys of man-made structures as an aid to improved decision making >

New Techniques for Bridge and Structure Inspection >

3D Sydney Harbour floor mapping >

Technology is paying off – Dredging in Abu Dhabi >

The grain LNG Terminal surveyed >

SeaBat T20-P operation experiences from Krasnoyarsk in Siberia  >

The benefits of online analysis of sound speed profiles during data acquisition >

Video paper: Pipeline surveying from a surface vessel in the Caspian sea  >

The case of herring-eating killer whales >

Get all the bathy data the first time with MultiDetect for SeaBat >

Surveying in the most remote place in the world, Antarctica >

Monitoring Basking Sharks with a SeaBat 7128 forward-looking multibeam sonar system >

Mapping the Channel of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon >

Port of Rotterdam saves approx. €150,000 per year using SeaBat sonars >

Effective solutions for inspections of coastal infrastructure >

Hydrographic Case studies from The Port of London >

Hydrography in Antarctica on sailboat Xplore >

From wrecks to icebergs – How to survey an iceberg with a multibeam sonar >​​

Teledyne RESON A/S has been an ISO 9001 registered company since March 2004, and before that AQAP-120 certified since March 1995, and assessed by Air Material Command – Royal Danish Air Force.

Teledyne RESON maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.
Teledyne RESON Quality Management System is registered by DNV GL – Business Assurance A/S according to DANAK accreditation.

Teledyne RESON global quality management system, called Teledyne RESON Global Management System (Teledyne RESON QMS) is defined and documents how the requirements for quality will be met. Quality planning is an integrated part of Teledyne RESON Quality Management System and is in a form of appropriate documented policies, procedures and working instructions.​

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Headquartered in Denmark, Teledyne RESON has offices in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Shanghai. And you'll find Teledyne RESON representatives ready to help you around the world. Contact RESON >

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Teledyne Imaging Offices

Teledyne RESON is together with Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic and Teledyne Bowtech​ part of the imaging group. On the following locations we can support any of the imaging brands.

Imaging headquarters

Teledyn​e RESON A/S
Fabriksvangen 13
3550 Slangerup
TEL: +45 4738 0022

VAT: dk 56675817

Offices in Europe

Teledyne Marine UK office
ABZ Business Park
International Avenue
AB21 0BH
Scotland, UK
TEL: +44 (0)1224 772345 
FAX: +44 (0)1224 772900

Teledyne RESON B.V.

Stuttgartstraat 42-44
3047 AS Rotterdam
TEL: +31 (0)10 245 15 00
FAX: +31 (0)10 245 15 55

Teledyne RESON, a division of Teledyne GmbH

Silbermannstr. 10
28217 Bremen
TEL: +49 421 3770 9600​

​Offices in the United States 

Teledyne RESON Inc.
1026 N Williamson Blvd
Daytona Beach
FL 32114
United States
TEL +1 805 233 ​3900

Offices in China 

Teledyne Marine Shanghai Office
Room1006,10th Floor
Century Link Tower One
No.1198 Century Avenue
Pudong District,
Shanghai 200122
TEL +(86-21) 6876 8038/39 6876 1428
FAX +(86-21) 58303141
MOB/CELL +86 150 0036 2610
[email protected]​​​​​​

​Customer Terms and Conditions

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