Key Features:

  • ​Can be equipped with any applicable combination of manipulators and sonar
  • Objective Overlay provides scrolling task objectives and completion status
  • Missions are logged and detailed summary reports can be generated


  • ​ROV pilot training
  • ROV pilot competancy Assurance
  • Mission planning rehearsal

​​Teledyne SeaBotix is pleased to offer specialized simulation software for the vLBV remotely operated vehicles that allows new and experienced users to train with new equipment, new environments or rehearse a variety of scenarios without the need for open water or equipment.  

​SeaBotix simulation enables training and competency assurance for a range of industries and applications including:

  • Maritime Defense
  • Oil and Gas
  • Homeland Security
  • Search and Rescue/Recover​y
  • Forensic Evidence Recovery
  • Ship Hull Inspection
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Mine Countermeasures​