​About Cable Solutions​

Teledyne Cable Solutions (TCS), located in Dallas, TX, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of cable and cable assemblies for demanding industries such as Subsea and Marine, Defense, Medical, Oil and Gas, and Industrial. With over 70 years of dedicated experience in providing solutions, TCS is considered a leader in its respective field. TCS utilizes a wide variety of components, materials, and capabilities to formulate solutions in the harshest and most critical of environments.  TCS addresses issues from electrical and environmental performance to flex-life and cosmetics. Our bulk cable and cable assembly capabilities provide application specific problem solving while working with your engineers to address individual projects or whole-system requirements. Rapid prototyping, fast turnaround, and quick ramp-up to production volume reduce time-to-market cycles. 

Teledyne Cable Solutions is an alliance between Storm Cable and VariSystems, and is part of Teledyne Interconnect. Click here​ to download the Teledyne Interconnect Brochure.

About Storm Cable

Storm Cable has historically been a designer and manufacturer of robust application tailored cables. Promoting the philosophy “the right tool for the job", Storm Cable utilizes a wide variety of high-performance components and materials to formulate solutions to solve critical application problems in the harshest of environments and complex electrical situations. Teledyne Storm polyurethane cables are 30-times higher abrasion resistance while still offering superior flexibility and performance in extreme weather. 

About VariSystems

There are a number of reasons that Teledyne VariSystems' customers have made us the largest custom manufacturer and vendor of choice, for molded cable assemblies and connectivity products.  First and foremost is the quality of our products. Teledyne Varisystems polyurethane molded cable assemblies are impact proof, reliable, and five times stronger than traditional PVC molded cable assemblies. Our customers have made us the largest because we have delivered the highest quality products at a level of consistency that is unmatched in our industry. 


We don't just manufacture products, we offer our customers complete solutions for their connectivity needs, including Engineering, CAD service, Expedite Services and Logistical Support (Inventory Stocking, Off-site KanBans, etc). 

Application-Specific Cable Construction

Copper, high strength alloys, tinsel wire, magnet wire, fiber optics (single mode, multimode, steel tubed), fluid and vent tubes, among others.

Circuit Identification
Spiral and longitudinal stripe, band marking, number, letter, sequential markings.

Insulation Materials
Fluoropolymers (FEP, PFA, Tefzel, etc.), X-Link, Expanded (foam), Halogen Free, Polyolefins, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPR, TPE-O, Polyurethane, Tape Wrap, PVC, RoHS and WEEE compliant.

RFI and EMI tapes and braids (serve or interwoven). Utilizing flat and round copper, stainless steel, bronze, aramid fibers, and textile, among others.

Jacket Materials
Fluoropolymers (FEP, PFA, Tefzel, etc.), X-Link, Expanded (foam), Halogen Free, Polyolefins, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPR, TPE-O, Polyurethane, Tape Wrap, PVC, RoHS and WEEE compliant.


Multi-conductor, Multi-composite (Copper conductors, pairs, shielded pairs, steel tube fiber, fiber optics, coax, vent tubes, fiber glass rod, and aramid strength fibers)​

Functional Enhancements
Additional construction enhancements available depending on your application.
Strength members - Aramid fibers such as Kevlar and Vectran, Polyester, Nylon, Fiberglass Rods, and Stainless Steel.
Waterblocking - Silicon, Hot melt products, Water swellable tapes and fillers, Controlled Buoyancy, Coil Cord.

Ruggedized Cable Assemblies

Connector Terminations
Crimp, solder, IDC, or weld.

EMI, RFI Shielding
Braid and/or tape shielding

Molded Cables
Single and double ended, Multi-breakout configurations.

Mold Types

Injection, Thermoset, Low Pressure Molding


Cable Solutions Overview
Bulk cables and electrical assemblies for 'mission-critical' applications. Overmolding expertise, rapid prototyping, and comprehensive testing capabilities makes TCS a valuable partner in connectivity.

Custom Molded Interconnect Solutions
Injection molded polyurethane is used in the manufacture of our unique cable assemblies. The process creates a tough, impervious barrier that is highly effective in hazardous environments. TCS cable assemblies have excellent cold weather properties, are watertight, and resistant to industry chemicals. TCS also has the in-house capability to design molds for prototypes or short production runs. A variety of materials are used for injection molding.

Hazardous Location Interconnect Systems
Hazardous location cables provide an alternative to installing wiring in conduit, saving time and material costs, and allowing for easy maintenance and repair. Conduit systems, although effective at keeping vapors and liquids from migrating through the cable system, are often labor-intensive to install and maintain. TCS hazardous location cables offer the same amount of protection from the elements as conduit systems with a simpler, less expensive installation process.

Industrial Capabilities and Featured Processes
Our business focus for industrial products includes: motor control, nuclear, robotic, heavy construction equipment, hoist and boom lift, and video inspection.

Oil & Gas and Geophysical Cables
Cable and assemblies engineered for instrumentation and data acquisition systems, pumping service equipment, land seismic acquisition, and process and pipeline service equipment.

Medical Instrument Cable
Cable and assemblies for non-invasive medical equipment and instrumentation such as laser surgery umbilicals, catheter sensor leads, patient monitoring harnesses, and mobile diagnostic systems.

Mining Operations
Rugged cables, assemblies and harnesses for mining operations, including vehicles, sensors, production control, and heavy construction equipment.

Subsea Cables
A wide variety of electrical and Ethernet submersible cables in-stock and ready to ship.

Defense Capabilities
Cable and assemblies for electronic warfare systems, military local area networks, military vehicles, radio communications system, and scanning and surveillance.

Push Rod and Crawler Umbilical Cables
Features include waterproof materials, high strength stress members to provide long reach and to navigate tight bends, and high strand conductors to minimize flexure fatigue. ​

“Committed to continually improving customer satisfaction through focused quality objectives, consistent manufacture and timely delivery.”

Below you will find our quality certifications provided by Intertek Group, and QAS International for our manufacturing facilities.

ISO Certificate Documentation


REACH Compliance (EC 1907/2006)

To our valued customers,

​ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency), which is the registrar for REACH states that if articles are imported into the EU containing any REACH (SVHC) listed substances and the articles do not intentionally release substances to the environment, then those substances are exempt from REACH.

Teledyne Cable Solutions does not manufacture basic chemical substances. We have contacted each of our suppliers with a letter requesting responses to document their position with their REACH obligations. Our suppliers have confirmed that they do not intentionally add any SVHC listed substances to the compounds and concentrates employed in the manufacture of TSP wire and cable (articles). Moreover, our suppliers do not list these substances as an ingredient, by-product, or impurity in the purchased raw materials used to make these products, at or above any regulatory thresholds, and our manufacturing process does not create these substances. Subsequently Teledyne Cable Solutions’ articles cannot intentionally release these substances to the environment.

The ECHA further states that “Companies that are not established in the EU have no obligations to under REACH and cannot pre-register and register”. As Teledyne Cable Solutions is not established in the EU, Teledyne Cable Solutions is not required to pre-register or register articles.

We understand the importance to you, our customers, of compliance to the REACH directives. Teledyne Cable Solutions will continue to review our supplier compliance to ensure continued support of the REACH initiatives.

Teledyne Cable Solutions REACH Statement

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