Dual Head Multibeam bathymetry mapping in the Amazon


​​​​​​​Along the years, Rural Tech Company has realized a series of surveys of all kind in the Amazon region, especially in Tapajós River. One of the areas that has been studied since 2006 is São Luís do Tapajós in Pará state, near Itaituba city. There, is going to be built one of the five biggest Brazilian hydropowers on terms of energy generation. Current studies, already at an advanced level, include a multibeam survey of about 30 square quilometers. Mapping with a Teledyne Odom MB1 Dual Head (phase and amplitude bottom detection bathymetry), all the riverbed structures and morphologies were well defined, allowing, this way, a great amount of information to be extracted, extremely important for that involved on the hydropower construction study. On the other hand, the contractors could plan their projects with the best benefit-cost ratio, taking advantage of the natural features mapped with the bathymetry.