Michele Perugia

VP of Supply Chain & Procurement Shared Services, Teledyne Marine

Michele Perugia serves as the Vice President of Supply Chain & Procurement Shared Services at Teledyne Marine. With over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Michele is recognized for her results-driven approach to operational excellence and talent cultivation within the manufacturing sector.

In her role, Michele spearheads the implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at optimizing supply chain operations, driving cost reduction, and fostering operational efficiencies. Renowned for her adept negotiation skills and innovative problem-solving techniques, she consistently delivers breakthrough results.

Throughout her tenure at Teledyne, Michele has held pivotal positions, including Senior Director of Supply Chain, Director of Supply Chain (Mechanical), Regional Procurement Manager, and Procurement Manager for ODI. Prior to her time at Teledyne, Michele accumulated diverse experience in supply chain management across electronic manufacturing and construction sectors.

Michele graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management & Supervision and is currently pursuing a dual Master's degree in Business Administration and Supply Chain Operations at Auburn University. ​​