Bolt Reaches Record-Breaking Production Milestone


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For decades, Teledyne Marine Geophysical Instruments​ (GEO) has set the industry standard for offshore seismic acoustic sources with the Bolt product line​.  This year, we have made waves in the industry by achieving a record-breaking production milestone with almost 600 airguns in production and backlog. This accomplishment highlights our dedication to meeting the growing demand for advanced underwater exploration tools in a reemerging industry.

Teledyne GEO's surge in airgun production underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence in marine technology. With the Teledyne 1900LLX-T Bolt Airgun Series​ leading the charge, researchers and surveyors maintain access to cutting-edge tools that deliver unparalleled precision and reliability in mapping subsurface geological and geophysical formations. This record-setting achievement marks a true turnaround in the seismic industry expected to last for years to come.

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The Bolt airgun represents a significant innovation in seismic exploration technology, particularly in the oil and gas industry. It was developed by Bolt Technology Corporation, now a part of Teledyne Technologies. The Bolt airgun was originally introduced in the late 1970s as a revolutionary tool for marine seismic surveys and was acquired by Teledyne in 2011. Seismic surveys are crucial for locating oil and gas reservoirs beneath the seabed. Traditionally, explosives were used to generate seismic waves, but this method had limitations in terms of safety, environmental impact, and precision. The Bolt airgun offered a safer and more controllable alternative.