Dual Head SeaBat T20-P collects more efficient data


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Dual Head SeaBat T20-P collects more  efficient data, improving all round data coverage and survey efficiency​


In order to meet the required technical specifications, Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd purchased a Teledyne RESON SeaBat Dual Head T20-P Multibeam Echosounder system and installed it onto their 13m survey vessel, MV Titan Discovery. Of the prominent SeaBat T-Series product range, the T20-P is a compact and portable system specially designed for small vessel use  for fast mobilization. The Portable Sonar Processor is small, compact, portable and water resistant and can be installed on deck. It produces high res data output and data compression, which allows the user to collect more and cleaner data, that is collected by the T20-P. The wide swath allows the surveyor to survey a wider area in one go.

The RESON Dual Head T20-P Multibeam Echosounder system and Applanix POSMV Wavemaster complete with a RESON standard 30° T20-P Dual Head multibeam echosounder mounting bracket had a total sonar size of 550mm x 550mm, which fitted through the MV Titan Discovery’s moonpool, ensuring the system purchased was the most ideal solution for the survey platform.

Titan also added the additional Teledyne RESON software features to ensure that they got the best possible results from the system; Max Beams (that increased total beam number from 512 to 1024 in Dual Head Configuration to increase data density), X-Range and Full Rate Dual Head Capability (to increase system range, data quality, ping rate and data density), and FlexMode (to improve future capabilities for high density survey applications).

Other survey processing software purchased included further licences of Teledyne PDS in order to acquire and process the multibeam echosounder and backscatter data, as well as further licences of Teledyne CARIS HIPS and SIPS Professional to meet the the increased data processing demands from the UK CHP Surveys.​


Acquiring this multibeam echosounder equipment has enabled Titan’s data coverage and all round survey efficiency whilst acquiring data to improve, allowing them to be much more competitive in the marine survey sector as operations are now quicker and of higher quality.

Both of Titan’s survey vessels; Discovery and Endeavour are now seen as market leading inshore survey vessels that can compete with any competition, increasing Titan’s position in the market further. They can now bid for and stand a better chance of winning work which previously they couldn’t or wouldn’t due to being technically non-compliant or not cost-effective enough because of the older multibeam echosounder system that was in use.

The SeaBat T20-P Dual Head remains in operation, ready for deployment on either of Titan’s competitive survey vessels, being able to product cutting-edge survey and backscatter data at an extremely efficient rate.​