High Resolution 3D Dam Outflow Tubes Inspection


​​​​​​​​​​​​The video clip utilizes actual 3D data gathered with the BV5000 to show the results of aninspection of an upriver dam's outflow tubes. There were several unique aspects to thisproject, first the remote location of the dam limited access to the site and the highportability of the BV5000 was the perfect solution. 

Second the project called for aninspection of each of the tubes from threshold back to the control gate doors, a distance ofmore than 25 m (82 ft.) which was easily met by the 30 m (98 ft.) range of the BV5000.Finally, water clarity levels were low and operators needed to verify that there were nodebris deposits that would affect outflow when the control doors were opened, here the high-resolution acoustic technology of the BV5000 made the job easy. The total data gatheringtime was less than 5 hours and processing took 8 hours for a total of 13 hours.