Mini video documentary - Creating a custom deep tow vehicle



Teledyne Benthos and Teledyne RESON have been developing a new deep tow vehicle for Odyssey Marine Exploration. The vehicle is among other sensors equipped with SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Sonars and will be used to find shipwrecks on the seabed in very deep waters. The Vehicle is about four meters long and is to be towed with a up to 10 kilometer long cable from a surface vessel.

We have made three videos from different stages in the developing process.

In the first part (Deep Tow Project Part I – Getting started) we are given an introduction to the project, and we are presented with some of the technical challenges of the project. In the second part (Deep Tow Project Part II – Assembling & Testing at Teledyne Benthos) we get a view into the testing and as assembling of the vehicle. In part three (Deep Tow Project Part III – Installation at Odyssey Marine Exploration) the end customer gives some insight into why they have chosen to develop this custom deep tow vehicle.

Watch all three parts below, and please contact us if you any questions regarding this or other custom projects.