Polish Navy adds new T20-S Module to GAVIA AUV


Kópavogur, Iceland, January 2024 - Teledyne Gavia​ is pleased to announce that the Polish Ministry of Defence (MOD) is bolstering its underwater survey capabilities by procuring the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T20-S Module for the group's GAVIA Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). These AUVs have been successfully employed by the Polish MOD for mine countermeasures (MCM) since 2014 and currently comprise a fleet of four (4) GAVIA AUVs, each equipped with extensive capabilities.

The SeaBat T20-S Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES)​, operating at 400kHz, delivers high-resolution bathymetric data with remarkable positional accuracy, aligning with the IHO standards for hydrographic survey. The T20-S Module empowers the automated detection of pipelines, enabling tracking and inspection by the AUV. This capability will be instrumental in the Polish Navy's critical underwater infrastructure inspections, a crucial aspect of modern seabed warfare. Moreover, the T20-S Module offers valuable backscatter data for mine classification. It comes with the latest Teledyne PDS Cube software to streamline operations, facilitating raw data visualization, post-processing, mosaicking, and export directly into the onboard Command-and-Control system of the Kormoran Class MCMVs.

Since GAVIA AUVs have a modular design, these vehicles do not need to return to Teledyne Gavia for the T20 upgrades. Instead, the Polish MOD will receive new modules that can be user installed into their existing AUVs in Poland. The adaptability of GAVIA AUVs has made them a trusted choice for EOD/MCM operations.

With the addition of the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T20-S MBES Module, the GAVIA AUVs will excel at gathering extremely high-resolution bathymetric data, even during extended submerged missions at survey speeds ranging from two to five knots. Their sensor suite, including imaging sensors like EdgeTech 2205 side scan sonars with Teledyne BlueView MB2250 Microbathymetry Gapfilling Modules, ensures these AUVs are perfectly suited for mine countermeasures (MCM), bathymetric survey, and search and rescue (SAR) operations in continental-shelf waters and beyond.

GAVIA AUVs in Poland are provided through Enamor Ltd (Gdynia, Poland), Teledyne Gavia's official representative, for ongoing support and supply. Enamor is a leading research and production company deeply involved in technology projects in Poland, including navigation, communication, hydrography, and automation. Enamor has recently been appointed as a regional Service Center for AUVs in Europe following the training of their engineers and technicians at Teledyne Gavia.

The expansion of GAVIA AUV capabilities in Poland underscores the Polish MOD's confidence in their performance for MCM and beyond. These AUVs have demonstrated their value in EOD/MCM, SAR, critical underwater infrastructure inspections, and hydrographic survey missions.

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