Episode 25: Ocean Dynamics in Polar Regions


​​In this fall series of podcasts, we introduce some of the winners and general entrants from the 2020 Teledyne Marine Photo Contest. Teledyne's annual Photo/ Data Contest concluded with over 80 qualified submissions that helped the company donate o​ver $1200 to Save the Children as part of a charitable giving campaign. 

In this final episode of the Teledyne Marine Photo Contest series, we chat with Jhon Mojica, a polar oceanographer from the Center for Global Sea Level Change at New York University in Abu Dhabi. Jhon submitted two images of a mooring deployment that incorporated a Benthos R2K Acoustic Release. Jhon's research work focuses on ocean dynamics in polar regions and interactions with ice shelves, characterizing the effects of sea-level rise in coastal cities such as Abu Dhabi.

For more information on the Center for Global Sea Level Change, check out the center's Twitter handle, or follow Jhon Mojica.

​Jhon Mojica Moncada, Polar Oceanographer, Center for Global Sea Level Change at NYUAD​​