Test Results

New acoustic projector design capable of swept-frequency output under digital control. Available as an integrated package including projector, signal generator, amplifier, microprocessor controller, and batteries. Available as a transceiver modification, which integrated with 4-channel acoustic STAR receiver (SCRIPPS), included a hybrid Rubidium low consumption clock and underwater acoustic navigation.
Intended for long-term moored applications in depths to 6000m.
The organ-pipe projector is not gas compensated, and has unlimited operating depth.
Suitable for acoustic tomography, RAFOS, and other applications.

During February 2002- July 2003 the source was deployed near Guadeloupe, by IFM, Kiel, Germany as part of CLIVAR deep thermohaline transport array or MOVE program (Meridional Overturning Variability Experiment), and then after recovery again during 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 years

During R/V Point SUR voyage October 26 2002 the projector was deployed on the Hoke Seamount (depth 700 m) and successfully worked till October 2004. The sound source emitted at 06:00 am each day RAFOS signal and each forth day from the day of deployment at 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 swept frequency signal. The spectrogram and correlation function of the signal receiving at the distance 700 km by single omni-direction hydrophone is shown below. On the spectroigram one can see whale’s sounds at the beginning of record.

October 2007 Sound source was successfully recovered by Atlantis crew and the Alvin group
NPAL04 Long-Range Propagation Experiment: SPICE04 Pacific Ocean May 2004 –May 2005 225-325 Hz sweep signal transmitted from the depth 3000 m during SPICE04 experiment​