Sand Erosion (SE) Sensor Series
Product Code​​
Maximum Pressure Rating Output
SE10-C 10kpsi CANbus
SE10-M 10kpsi Modbus
SE15-C 15kpsi CANbus
SE15-M 15kpsi Modbus

Sand Erosion Pressure with Pressure/Temperature ​Sensor (SEPT) Series
Product Code Maximum Pressure Rating Output Pressure Accuracy
10kpsi CANbus 0.1% CR
SEPT10-M1 10kpsi Modbus 0.1% CR
SEPT15-C1 15kpsi CANbus 0.1% CR
15kpsi Modbus 0.1% CR​

General Specifications
Metal Loss measurements​​

Design life >25 years
Design pressure 10KSI or 15KSI*
Hydrostatic test pressure Design pressure x 1.5
Design temperature range ** -40 to 177°C
Ambient operating temperature -20 to 70°C
Design depth 3000m
Hyperbaric test pressure 450bar
Paint options Standard sensor is unpainted. Optional Norsok M-501 System 7 paint system available.
Design codes and standards API 6A / 17D, ASME IX, API 17F, 
NACE MR-0175, all process wetted material supplied with 3.1 traceable certification
CEION ® Measurement
Sensing element Spark eroded spiral
Element material Inconel 625 
Element thickness 6mm angled; 8mm flush 
Element life 5mm angled; 7 mm flush
Resolution 45nm
Mechanical Specification
Mechanical interface API 6A 2 1/16
Seal groove BX152
Approx weight in air 23kg (add 4 kg for 15K) (Probe weight only)
Flange material 10K: Duplex UNS S31803 with Inconel 625 UNS N06625 cladding in process wetted area

15K: Super Duplex UNS S32760 with Inconel 625 UNS N06625 cladding in process wetted area
Electronics Housing material 316L SS
Jumper Interface Omnitec Mk2
Primary and Secondary 
Penetrators Glass-to-Metal, Inconel 625 (EB welded)
Probe Neck Material Inconel 625
Termination Shell material 316L SS
Probe diameter 50mm
Probe length Selectable between 100 and 300mm
Electrical Specification
Supply Voltage 24VDC (18V min, 30V max)
Current consumption <50mA @24VDC
In-rush 120% max operating current for 500ms
Output signal CANbus (CiA443, SIIS Level 2) or Modbus (RS485)​