Teledyne Marine designs and manufactures subsea and surface erosion and corrosion sensors, as well as flow assurance monitoring systems. Our innovative sensing and monitoring products and related services accelerate production, reduce operating costs and extend asset life for oil and gas operators and processors worldwide.

Teledyne Marine offers a wide range of asset integrity products, from non-instrumented weight loss coupons to high-resolution, real-time monitoring equipment. We offer products for both subsea and topside monitoring using CEION® technology, a state-of-the-art metal loss technology.

Teledyne Marine Subsea Sensors include:
- Pressure and Temperature (PT) Sensors - Corrosion and Erosion Sensors

We offer a wide variety of topside corrosion monitoring systems through the Teledyne Cormon product line, including - Electrical Resistance (ER) and Linear Polarisation (LPR) Probes - Injection and Sampling Systems - Data transmitters - Monitoring software​