Dredge and Construction solutions from Teledyne Marine

​Teledyne Marine provides complete turnkey dredge and construction solutions comprising both hardware and software to monitor the dredging and construction processes. Our client base includes large and small dredging companies, construction companies,  hydraulic engineering firms, offshore enterprises, and survey firms. Whether it’s for revetment surveys, rock dumping, excavating, dredging, maintenance surveys, building breakwaters, windmill parks, barge management, or any other construction and dredging projects, Teledyne Marine will provide you with a suitable solution.​​

We deliver the right solution for your application

When contacting us, we will help you find the right solution for your specific application. With our 30-plus years of market experience, we have developed a diverse selection of solutions. Special applications are tailored to the solution to ensure an easy hands on approach.​​

We deliver a complete solution

A solution from Teledyne Marine comprises both sensors and software. Examples of sensors include inclination sensors, angle and multiturn sensors, attitude sensors, multibeam or single-beam sonars, laser scanners, and many more. The core of our solution is the Teledyne PDS software, renowned as the most customizable dredge and construction monitoring software in the market.​​​