Collect High-Quality Data the First Time, Every Time.

Sonar data imag for sandwaws captured with a SeaBat T20-ASVFor uncrewed operations, precision and efficiency are key. The automated control systems in our sonars are designed to ensure that the highest quality data is collected correctly the first time, every time. By assuring clean and precise data from critical infrastructure, you not only de-risk your operations but also save precious time and resources as data is captured with unmatched accuracy and resolution.

Using our sonars with these features will give you significant savings on AUV, ROV, and vessel time through expansive swath coverage and rapid data turnaround. As minimal manual intervention is required, our clean data streamlines the processing pipeline, allowing you to focus on what matters most—making informed decisions.

The SeaBat T51 is our standout system, boasting an impressive 170° swath at 800kHz and setting a new industry standard. This superior performance is included as a standard feature, not an add-on.

Explore the Teledyne RESON range, which includes sonars tailored to meet various operational needs. For detailed specifications and to find the right sonar for your specific requirements, please refer to the table below.​

Sona​r overview:

System ​​​
SeaBat T20-S

A​ compact system uniquely suited for low logistics AUV’s to offer a true beamforming multibeam solution.​

SeaBat T50-​S​
This sonar system is ideal for high resolution subsea mapping and has advanced features for pipe detection. 
SeaBat T-series Subsea IDH
Integrated Dual Head systems allowing for wide or focuses swath configurations in one subsea processor solution. 
​SeaBat T20-ASV
Small form factor processor with optional integrated GNSS-INS. 
SeaBat T50-ASV
A hi​gh resolution sonar system packed with small processer for automated and uncrewed operations.
SeaBat T51-ASV
No trades-offs between coverage or resolution. Map autonomously with the highest resolution at full swath coverage.

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