​​Teledyne Marine have a wide range of forward looking sonar systems, from the highly compact and low power BlueView M-Series Mk2 to the high resolution long range SeaBat F50 sonar and the SeaBat 7123-MkII dual-use high resolution sonar, we have all your needs covered with the most extensive 2D product range in the marketplace. Configurations available include systems for use on surface vessels, ROVs and AUVs.  ​​​


Teledyne BlueView 2D imaging sonar systems deliver real-time, high-resolution video-like imagery, even in very low and zero-visibility conditions. In clear water conditions, situational awareness is significantly increased beyond the optically imaged scene. Fast update rates, high acoustic frequencies, compact size, and industry-leading target tracking make our products the preferred choice in leading-edge multibeam sonar. With the widest range of models available, we offer you the most choices in field-of-view, ran​ge, and depth. Teledyne BlueView makes using your 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar easy with “plug-and-go" operation and multiple deployment options, including: ROV Systems, Diver Hand-Held Systems, Boat-Mounted Systems, AUV Systems, Portable Tripod Systems, Fixed Position Systems. 

All Teledyne BlueView 2D multibeam imaging sonar systems include ProViewer® operating software, accessories, and a one-year warranty. We also offer an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables access to raw data files and sonar controls to make integration into complex monitoring systems easy.  

Max Range​​ ​Depth rating

BlueView M900 S Mk2 

​100m​  (328ft)
L: ​192mm (7.56 inch) W: Ø101.6mm (4 inch)
  • ​Wide 130 degree field of view
  • Low power DC interface
  • Simple to interface
  • Capture sonar video with position data​

BlueView M900 D Mk2

100m​ (328ft)
​L: 253mm (9.96 inch) 
W: Ø127mm (5​ inch) ​

BlueView M450 S Mk2​​

​300m (984ft)​
L: ​203.4mm (8.0 inch) W: 195.6mm (7.7inch) 

​​​BlueView M450 D6-Mk2

300m (984ft)
​L: 253.7mm (10 inch) W: 195.6mm (7.7inch) ​

BlueView M900-2250-130 S Mk2​​

​900 kHz- 
100m (328ft),
10m (33ft) 
​L: 206.4mm (8.12 inch) W: 127mm (5 inch)
  • ​Unique dual frequency combination
  • Wide 130° field of view
  • Leading data quality
  • Compact and low power
  • Capture sonar video and position data
BlueView M900-2250-130 D6-Mk2
900 kHz- 
100m (328ft),
10m (33ft) 
L:​ 261.3mm (10.29 inch) W: Ø127 (5inch)
BlueView M900-2250-S 130/45-Mk2
900 kHz- 
100m (328ft),
10m (33ft) 
​L: 223 mm (8.8 inch) W: Ø127mm (5inch)
  • Dual frequency combination with Wide 130° and 45° field of view

Max Range​ ​Depth rating
SeaBat F20
​200 kHz, 400kHz​
​300m or 600m
​400m, 6000m
​The SeaBat F20 is designed for mounting on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or a towed vehicle. It can be used as a sensor for navigation aid by means of obstacle detection and avoidance detect objects in front of the vehicle’s planned trajectory and subsequently adjust course and mission plan.

SeaBat F5​​0​​

200 kHz, 400kHz
300m or 600m
​50m, 400m or 6000m
The SeaBat F50 is a high-resolution forward-looking sonar system operating at 200kHz or 400kHz that illuminates a wide 140° horizontal sector ahead of the sonar head assembly​
SeaBat 7123-MkII
​​The new SeaBat 7123-MkII is an advanced, COTS-based, high resolution sonar suitable for both commercial and military applications.

Commercial uses include super high resolution imaging for underwater inspection related tasks, long range detection of object in the water column and the sonar can be used as a platform for scientific and oceanographic research applications.

​​Operation at three different frequencies provides optimum flexibility:
  • Low Frequency (100kHz) mode provides visualization and detection of objects in the water column and on sea floor to ranges up to 800m or more.
  • Medium Frequency (200kHz) mode is typically used for high accuracy localization in surveyed areas, and primary detection in shallow waters and reverberant environments.
  • High Frequency (400kHz) mode provides high resolution shadow classification data during offshore underwater ​inspection and MCM usage.

​SeaBat F30​​

​The SeaBat F30 is a High-Resolution Forward-Looking Sonar System designed specifically for 12 ¾ inch (approx. 324mm) AUVs/UUVs. The SeaBat F30 operates at 200 kHz or 635 kHz illuminating a wide, 120° horizontal sector ahead of the Sonar Head Assembly. The high frequency 635 kHz provides high-resolution classification functionality, whereas the lower frequency 200 kHz provides long-range detection capability. The SeaBat F30 is an ideal sonar platform for development of advanced forward-looking sonar applications include AUV/UUV obstacle avoidance, terrain mapping, concurrent mapping and localization (CML), object classification and more. 
  • ​Unique dual frequency sonar with 2D imaging and 3D FLS bathymetry
  • 3D mode provides range, bearing, and vertical incidence angle for all echoes
  • Compact design saves valuable vehicle real estate
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to COTS platform
  • Industry standard SeaBat 7k data interface simplifies application development and integration work​