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At Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, our service begins with the sale of our products. Our team of trained service engineers is available to assist you, providing you with answers to your questions, and resolutions to any technical difficulties you might encounter. 

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Teledyne Marine GitHub

Download source code and interact with Teledyne Marine core developers.  

We provide open-source code to interface with our 7k systems like the RESON SeaBat multibeams and Odom E20 singlebeams. Next to that we have more generic Python source code to read and plot 7k data files, a great tool to fast track your data science projects. We also provide open source code to work with RDI PD data types and the RDI Wayfinder.

Visit the Teledyne Marine GitHub site: github.com/Teledyne-Marine​​


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