Welcome to Teledyne SeaBotix Support Home Page

The site contains important information about our SeaBotix ROVs including manuals, software and firmware updates, service notes, training material, and instructions on how to return your SeaBotix ROV for service, should that be required. We recommend that you bookmark this page in your bro​wser for easy access to important information about your vehicle. Please check back periodically for new updates and additional content.​

​Support Email

[email protected]

Support Phone
+1 508-563-1000

Hours of Operation
5:00 am - 5:00 pm (M-F) Eastern Time

​SeaBotix is continually committed to providing advanced technology solutions whilst maintaining the highest levels of service and support for our customers. In order to continue serving our customers with excellence, we periodically review our technology portfolio and challenge our engineers to look forward and focus on solving the challenges of tomorrow with innovative and robust technologies that customers have come to expect from Teledyne. This advisory serves to notify our customers and dealers of legacy systems identified by the End of Life (EOL) process. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing the next generation of engineered solutions that will increase the value of your important work.​​​​​