Teledyne Marine manufactures a broad range of hydrophones. From oceanographic research to monitoring industrial processes, we h​ave a range of hydrophones for reference measurement, reference projectors, passive arrays, positioning systems and tracking systems. And if you cannot find the right hydrophone, we'll work with you to develop a solution that meets your specific needs.​​

Frequency min Frequency max [kHz] ​​Receive Sensitivity
(dB rel. 1Vrms/µPa)*
With integrated
Depth rating [m]
TC4013 1 Hz
170 kHz -211 dB No 700 m
TC4014 15 Hz 480 kHz -180 dB Yes 900 m
TC4032​​ 5 Hz 120 kHz -164 dB Yes 600 m
TC4033 1 Hz 140 kHz -203 dB No 900 m
TC4034 ​1 Hz 470 kHz -218 dB No 900 m
TC4035 10 kHz 800 kHz -214 dB Yes 300 m
TC4037 1 Hz 100 kHz -193 dB No 2000 m
TC4038 50 kHz 800 kHz -228 dB No 20 m
TC4040 1 Hz 120 kHz -206 dB No 400 m
TC4047 1 kHz 170 kHz -191 dB Yes 700 m
1Hz 480 kHz -213 dB No 900 m

​*Sensitivity stated for differential output and for shortest cable length

​​RESON EC6081 mk2 - preamplifier

The EC6081 mk2​ (VP2000) is a 1MHz bandwidth voltage preamplifier with bandpass filter that is designed for uses in conjunction with piezoelectric hydrophones.
RESON EC6076 - Active Input Module

​The EC6076 Ac​​tive Input module is for the Teledyne RESON TC4014 and TC4032 hydrophones with built-in pre-amplifiers.


​​Usable Frequency
Beam widths

​Underwater positioning, pinger/transponder systems, acoustic telemetry & telephone systems
​34kHz to 38kHz​
Vertical: +/-35°​
​Specifically designed for underwater telephones. Useful for sub-bottom profilers or as low freq. building block
​6kHz to 15kHz
​Vertical: 80°
​Universal high frequency transducer for precision short range measurements​
2.2° approx.​