Teledyne Marine Opens New Vehicle Center in Europe


Teledyne Marine announces the opening of a Vehicles Service Center at the Teledyne Reson office in Slangerup, Denmark. The expanded facility in Slangerup will support the large number of LBVs, vLBVs, and Z-Boats throughout Europe. Customers of Teledyne SeaBotix and Teledyne Oceanscience will now have the option to have their Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) repaired, refurbished and tested within Europe. Local service will eliminate the need to ship vehicles back to the United States, saving significant time, effort, and money.

The Service Center will feature:

HELP DESK - Current ROV and USV users will have email access to a pool of support engineers and technicians to assist with any vehicle questions or issues

REPAIRS - Vehicles can be shipped to Teledyne Reson in Slangerup, Denmark for service. A formal RMA number will be required before shipment to the Service Center, which will allow for tracking of the repair.

SPARE PARTS - The most commonly used consumables and spare parts will be stocked at the service center to reduce turn-around times.

VEHICLE UPGRADING, Testing and Ballasting - Most upgrades and configuration changes can be performed within the Service Center.

RENTAL AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - The Service Team is also available for demonstration or technical assistance for installations and acceptance trials.