HydroMaster of Ireland secures their data deliverables quality and accuracy with the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T51 Multibeam from Teledyne Marine



October 2021 – HydroMaster of Oranmore, Ireland are pleased to announce that they have taken delivery of a high resolution SeaBat T51 multibeam echo sounder from Teledyne RESON. The first SeaBat T51 to be delivered to a survey contractor in Ireland, it makes for a fifth multibeam system for HydroMaster's growing fleet and was supplied with a Teledyne RESON SVP70 and Applanix OceanMaster POS MV  for optimal performance.

The latest in Teledyne RESON's successful SeaBat T Series, the T51 produces exceptionally high-resolution data thanks to a dedicated 800kHz array capable of imaging at four times the resolution of the existing T50 with coverage across the entire swath –150+ degrees.  Also fitted with a flexible 350-430kHz range, the T51 is a versatile system with an advanced tracker designed to give truly hands-free sonar operations, optimising results while reducing operator workload. Resultant data is noted to be exceptionally clean, minimising processing time in turn speeding up production of final survey deliverables. 

“As Ireland increasingly look to the blue economy to harness new opportunities in energy, aquaculture & infrastructure, the highest quality information regarding the seabed is more important than ever." said Brian Smith, founder and principal of HydroMaster. “As a growing survey contractor specialising in the quality and accuracy of our data deliverables, the increased resolution from the SeaBat T51 coupled with pinpoint precision from the OceanMaster POS MV will suit well the highly detailed structural, harbour-wall and cable survey work we specialise in at HydroMaster. Such levels of detail will become increasingly valuable as Ireland gear up to develop clean offshore energy solutions, installing and maintaining new infrastructure around our shores. The Teledyne RESON SeaBat T51 was therefore an obvious addition for us as we scale up our operational capacity and we are pleased to bring this enhanced capability to the many clients and partners we serve." 

“It is great see HydroMaster leading the way in unlocking greater detail for their clients through the investment in the latest sonar technology" said Ed Cheesman of Teledyne Marine.  “We are truly proud of the performance of the T51 and look forward to seeing more fantastic data examples as HydroMaster set it to work around the shores, harbours and inland waterways of the island of Ireland."

For more information about the SeaBat T51, see www.teledynemarine.com/reson or meet us at OceanBusiness booth #U12​

About HydroMaster:

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About Teledyne Marine:

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