Teledyne Marine Announces New Features Released for the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-Series.


Teledyne Marine is pleased to announce several innovative new features for our world-leading SeaBat T20 and SeaBat T50 multibeam echosounders.  The SeaBat v2.0 update is available free of charge, and delivers a series of features designed to further increase your survey efficiency and profitability.

The SeaBat T-series v.2.0 update launches 1024 beams and Sonar UI visualization enhancements at no extra cost, and now has availability for you to acquire Normalized Backscatter for your SeaBat T20.

With the new v2.0 update Teledyne Marine now introduces 1024 true beams, as well as always having 1024 Soundings, for all single head SeaBat T-series products. The increase from 512 to 1024 beams gives you improved target detection capability due to the extremely high data density, leading to more precise surveys and shorter survey time.

For projects where you need to have a minimum of counts in a grid cell, 1024 beams make it possible to fulfil that requirement, increasing your possibilities to win more projects.

Another significant improvement in the SeaBat v2.0 is the visualization feature update to the Teledyne Marine Sonar User Interface (SUI).  Adding color by depth, to the already intuitive wedge history display, takes the operator to the next level, making the experience even more intuitive. The real time interpretation of the seabed helps you faster identify your survey area aiding productivity.

In the SUI you are now able to save the raw S7K files directly to your available drives - this function has been moved from the back end to the SUI - so giving you an easy and time saving set up by avoiding going out of the SUI to save your files.

Finally, the v2.0 update for the SeaBat T-series enables our unique Normalized Backscatter output to also cover the surface based SeaBat T20-P and SeaBat T20-R. When you purchase this license, you will have the possibility to increase the use of your existing SeaBat T20 with multiple deliverables from a single survey. The backscatter is compensated for the effects of sonar settings which enables you to collect improved bathymetry data and true backscattering estimations at the same time, thereby reducing survey time and costs.

“With this update we confirm our commitment to continue developing features and performance enhancements to the already world leading SeaBat T-series", says Uni Bull, Product Manager of the SeaBat systems. “v2.0 Update for SeaBat T-series is the best update we have ever produced. It is an update which we guarantee makes your SeaBat T-series an even more powerful survey tool that will make better use of your resources and manpower." 

Contact [email protected] with your License-ID today to get your new free valuable SeaBat v2.0 update to enhance your SeaBat capabilities and survey experience. 

Watch our Senior Product Manager Uni Bull present the new features >