Mapping the Arctic - Royal Danish Navy Acquires Two Additional Teledyne RESON Multibeam Sonar Systems for their Danish Hydr


Denmark, May 2021 – Teledyne Marine is pleased to announce that Royal Danish Navy has taken delivery of two SeaBat Multibeam systems from Teledyne RESON.

Royal Danish Navy has, for many years, used SeaBat multibeam systems as the primary sensor for hydrographic surveys in both Denmark and Greenland. The multibeam systems are primarily used to produce accurate bathymetry for charts which are crucial for the safety of navigation. The latest acquisition of two additional SeaBat T20-R multibeam echosounders with integrated navigation systems are expected to primarily be used in Greenland.

The unprecedented data quality and the systems' ease of use are some of the key factors in the selection of the SeaBat sonar systems. The outstanding data quality requires little to no data cleaning, which means more time surveying and less time spent on data processing.

Over the last couple of years, the development in autonomous AI sonar controls has made the SeaBat systems even easier to use and operate. This means better data quality and, at the end of the day, more reliable charts, and increased safety for maritime traffic.

“The Royal Danish Navy is a long term RESON multibeam user. They have high standards and they will only settle with the best and most efficient solution. The SeaBat systems' high accuracy and unique firmware features provides the Danish Hydrographic Service the ultimate data quality they want," says Uni Bull, Senior Product Manager for the SeaBat multibeam sonar product range.

The two systems have been delivered and are already in use.

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