Teledyne SeaBotix and Teledyne OceanScience Production Moves East!



During the week of January 25-29, Teledyne Marine will complete the relocation of the SeaBotix and OceanScience manufacturing center from its current facility in Poway, California to our vehicle manufacturing center in North Falmouth, Massachusetts.  This move will consolidate production with our vehicle engineering and manufacturing center of excellence which will provide tighter integration and faster response to engineering and production issues.  Products which are affected are: the vLBV300 and vLBV950; the Z and Q 1800 survey boats, and the Z and Q 1250 survey boats.  Current RDI manufactured products, which include the RiverRay, StreamPro, Rapid Cast, etc., will continue to be manufactured in our Poway facility.

Although our physical address may have moved, please continue to send your Purchase Orders and requests for quotes, to our vehicle's sales leads listed below.  For all billing, please continue to work with our Daytona facility for invoicing and payments.

In addition to the manufacturing move, the factory service and repair center will also be transitioning from California to Massachusetts.  Factory repairs should be coordinated via our North Falmouth repair team.  We will continue to maintain a repair presence both in California and in Europe via our European Service Center.

For the near term, please continue to contact the same individuals for Sales and Technical information as you do today. 

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me directly, or one of our sales staff.


Thank you, we hope you are all safe.




Vice President Sales and Marketing, Teledyne Vehicles

[email protected]

(508) 563-1524