Teledyne Benthos Offers GNSS/NAV Upgrade for Acoustic Modems/Releases


Teledyne Benthos is pleased to announce the availability of a new GNSS option for their feature-rich UTS-9000 series Universal Topside Units used to command their full line of acoustic modems and releases.  Via the new 2.0 upgrade, customers can upgrade their existing UTS-9400 units to include this capability, or order it as an option on all new systems.    This new feature saves users valuable time and money by allowing them to survey in, and record, precisely where their acoustic releases and/or modems are deployed using only the topside unit and a dunking transducer.  This allows for fast and easy detection and recovery using a minimal set of hardware.

The 2.0 upgrade, which includes a highly intuitive and flexible GUI, is fully self-contained, removing the need for an additional laptop, something particularly useful for deployments from RHIBs or smaller vessels.  The real-time operation provides users with the ability to set destinations and waypoints, mark and record exact locations of deployed assets, and download field data to a USB card for safe and easy data storage and review.  The upgrade also allows the system to take an “acoustic snapshot" of noise in the environment to help diagnose and overcome difficult deployment conditions.  For additional information, contact Teledyne Benthos at +1-508-563-1000 or visit