WAMS expands their business with a Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50ER sonar



February 9. 2022 – WAMS Subsea Technology Solutions of Sao Paulo, Brazil are pleased to announce that they have acquired a high resolution SeaBat T50 Extended Range multibeam echo sounder from Teledyne RESON, to be installed on an iXblue DriX USV Extended Gondola.

The SeaBat T50 Extended Range is fully frequency agile from 150 to 420 kHz, allowing for extremely high-resolution surveys in very shallow waters and with the capability to operate out to about 900m water depth.
The SeaBat T50 Extended Range is designed for very fast mobilization on any type of survey vessels, securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements – or it can be installed as a permanent installation in a sea chest or on a hoist system. The sonar system has the advanced tracker designed to give truly hands-free sonar operations, optimizing results while reducing operator workload. Resultant data is noted to be exceptionally clean, minimizing processing time in turn speeding up production of final survey deliverables. 

“The Extended range capacity will allow to extend the area of use to the depth up 900m and thereby expanding our capabilities to deliver services in Brazil and Latin America and also Global services where we have an opportunity", says Waldeney Santos, Commercial Director of WAMS, “We chose the system because of the high level of autonomy, the system robustness and the flexibility of integration and it is very important to mention that these features combined with the clean data output grants us great savings in time and money. With the best in class sonar and USV, we are hoping to deliver to the market the best possible turnkey solutions combined with the excellence results from the DRIX and SeaBat T50ER."

This is the first time the SeaBat T50-ER is being installed on an unmanned platform. The DriX design has been customized to accommodate the Extended Range Transmitter and the combination of the Teledyne sonar and the DriX is a perfect match.

“It is great to see WAMS leading the way in unlocking their greater detail for their clients through the investment in the latest sonar technology" says Kim Dailey of Teledyne Marine, “We are truly proud of the performance of the SeaBat T50ER and look forward to seeing the results as WAMS set the system to work and service their customers around the globe."

The sonar was delivered in January to be installed on the DriX.

For more information about the SeaBat T50ER, see www.teledynemarine.com/reson or contact Pim Kuus, Senior Hydrographer & Product Manager of the Teledyne Marine sonar lines.



WAMS is a tech forward company focused on extending the capability of traditional survey equipment and reducing the environmental impact of our operations by utilising unmanned survey platforms




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