Teledyne Impulse-PDM is a harsh environment engineeri​ng company which has been in business for over 30 years. The European distributor for off-the-shelf Teledyne Impulse underwater connectors and cable assemblies, during the last quarter of a century, we have developed into a subsea engineering company supplying high quality bespoke engineered connectivity solutions to customer requirements.

Today, our products are used in harsh conditions in a broad range of industries including the military; oil and gas; marine; nuclear; renewable energy; Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles; Autonomous Underwater Vehicles; oceanographic; geophysical, and scientific. Geographically, the company provides engineered solutions worldwide, and specifically to the UK; Europe; India; Singapore, and Egypt.​

Teledyne Impulse-PDM continues to enjoy successful growth by working closely with customers to gain a clear understanding of their requirements. The depth of engineering knowledge and experience within the company is unrivaled in the underwater engineering industry, and allows PDM to provide innovative solutions to customer issues, along with a high quality bespoke design and application engineering service. TI-PDM can supply products with full RoHS compliance, and is a registered EEE producer.

Teledyne Impulse-PDM, is a distributor of underwater electrical connectors, cables, harnesses, and cable assemblies for the UK and European subsea market. We also offer a broad range of quality engineering services, including the Quickcure Molding System and related polyurethane materials.

DESIGN – our engineers design bespoke subsea connector and cable solutions for harsh environments, including military connectors and assemblies used on the T45 and Astute naval programs.

MANUFACTURE – wiring, encapsulation, and molding of underwater cables and harnesses. We manufacture the Omicron and Omega underwater fiber optic connectors.

TEST – We perform the following in-house testing of manufactured products, as required:

  1. - Insulation
  2. - Resistance
  3. - Capacitance
  4. - Inductance
  5. - Fiber optical signal loss testing
  6. - Dimensional inspection

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - The company provides total solutions to customers' connector, cable assembly and connectivity projects. Teledyne Impulse-PDM engineers will design, manufacture and test to prototype to ensure the final product supplied meets each project's specifications. 

The design engineering team can draw upon experiences ranging from atmospheric diving; remotely operated vehicles; deep sea photographic camera systems; bespoke housings for video cameras and instrumentation, to oceanographic sampling equipment. The engineers have also acquired diverse manufacturing skills and knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and injection molding.

Current and past projects include:

  •  - Navigation buoy electrical cubicles
  •  - Special underwater electrical (including high voltage) connectors
  •  - Water blocked penetrators
  •  - Polyurethane encapsulated sensors and transducers
  •  - Submarine communication cable assemblies
  •  - Underwater cable bend control devices
  •  - Cable strain termination
    •  - Special electrical (including high voltage) connectors
    •  - Water blocked penetrators
    •  - Encapsulated sensors and transducers
    •  - Instrumentation housings
    •  - Cable bend control devices
    •  - Quickcure Molding Systems for offsite cable repairs
    •  - Remote encapsulated displays for re-breather diving equipment
    •  - Radar encapsulation on AUVs
    •  - Load cells and strain sensors on road and rail bridges
    •  - Anti-rattle devices on submarines.​

About Impulse-PDM
Teledyne Impulse-PDM has more than 30 years' experience in underwater connectors and cables for subsea and harsh environments.  During this time, the company has worked with many different customers engineering connectors, harnesses and penetrators to meet specific needs, such as:
  •  - Encapsulation and molding using polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies
  •  - Design, development and manufacture of harnesses
  •  - Custom cable design and supply
  •  - Off site polyurethane molding services
  •  - Epoxy encapsulation solutions
  •  - Bespoke wiring capacity including intricate wiring to PCBs

Download PDM Capabilities Brochure

Download PDM Defense Capabilities Brochure



Fiber Optics
Teledyne Impulse PDM produces a range of Omega electro optic and Omicron fiber optic underwater connectors which have been developed in-house by the Design and Application Department.

Download Omicron (FO) Data Sheet

Download Omega (Hybrid) Data Sheet

Download Cable Assemblies Data Sheet


​Design and Development
The combined expertise of Teledyne Impulse-PDM's engineers allows the team to undertake project management, product application and development, and collaborative research, which adds value to the design and manufacturing processes, and ultimately benefits customers.

Download Design and Development Data Sheet
PDM-Development_and _Design.pdf



Encapsulation and Molding
With a highly experienced team of molding specialists, Teledyne Impulse-PDM is able to offer a full range of encapsulation and molding services for applications in the marine, oil and gas, subsea, defence, communications and automotive industries. Encapsulation and molding can be performed in a range of polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies, dependent on the application and environment. Repeatable product quality is achieved with the use of precision metered dispensing machines and in house design and manufacture of bespoke tooling. There are also a considerable number of mold tools available that permit fast response times utilizing dedicated production areas that include ESD controlled stations.
Services include:
  •  - Specialist techniques to encapsulate printed circuit boards, and fragile components such as fibre optics and fine wiring assemblies for mechanical protection and to prevent moisture ingress
  •  - Encapsulation and moulding using polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies
  •  - Encapsulation under vacuum or pressure, open cast or moulded, in custom designed tooling
  •  - Potting and moulding using transparent or coloured materials
  • encapsulation using materials formulated to suit specific requirements
  •  - Ruggedizing and waterproofing cables
  •  - Design and manufacture of complex, intricate moulds ranging from 10mm to 2m in length
  •  - Machining encapsulated assemblies to facilitate further mechanical assembly operations
  •  - Encapsulation of PCB assemblies and sensitive devices
All molding and encapsulation products and services are designed, manufactured, and tested to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited standards.

Download Encapsulation and Molding Data Sheets



Cathodic Delamination
The engineering team recently completed a Knowledge Transfer Programme with Portsmouth University to investigate the subsea industry problem of cathodic delamination. The testing of the most reliable primers for the metal elastomer bond is leading to continual improvements in production methods.



Wiring Services
Teledyne Impulse-PDM's wiring department has been working at the forefront of the subsea connector industry for over 20 years, offering a combination of traditional and advanced wiring skills. All wiring work is IPC Class 3 compliant, and the company's technicians are available to work at customer premises if required.
Services include:
  •  - Soldering and assembly of all types of connector and cable applications
  •  - Loom forming for a wide range of equipment and enclosures
  •  - Cable end preparation of every type of cable sheathing
  •  - Intricate wiring to all PCBs including surface mount
  •  - Specialist wiring of high density small connectors
  •  - Wire crimping using a wide range of crimps and tools​

Teledyne Bowtech is accredited to Management System standards: 

ISO 9001:2015 

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018​​

TM-QEHSP-020 QEHS Policy

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