In a subsea network, such as those found in oil and gas fields and ocean monitoring systems, jumpers and harnesses are the connective medium to tie all of the elements together into a functioning entity. As experts in developing such systems, Teledyne Marine both offers the breadth of product lines and retains the knowledge to design and implement a subsea network that fits each unique application.

Typical applications include:
* Subsea Production Control Systems * Workover Control Systems * Riser Monitoring Systems * High Bandwidth Subsea Communications * Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems * Subsea Processing for electric submersible pumps (ESPs), intelligent wells, and seismic monitoring systems * Subsea instrumentation connectors

Oceanographic Science Applications: * Wet-mate ocean floor networks * High power connectivity and distribution * Seismic/tsunami monitoring systems * Real time broadband instrument monitoring

Defense and Communication Systems Applications: * Outboard submarine cabled systems and diver communications * Littoral and deep sea persistant surveillance systems * Payload wet connectivity * Configurable port and harbor security system networks * Communications infrastructure security * Expandable ocean floor branching units​​