Combining a distinguished history of gyrocompasses and gyrocompass development with new technology for marine navigation, Teledyne TSS provides an array of systems for many surface and subsea applications. Through its SG Brown heritage, Teledyne TSS has been manufacturing gyrocompasses for more than 100 years, producing an invaluable chain of experience and knowledge that can only be established through true product development. In combining traditional gyrocompasses with motion reference systems, AHRS (attitude and heading reference systems) were introduced. Now, building upon reliable and high-performing FOG (fibre optic gyro) technology, TSS offers a collection of AHRS systems designed for a multitude of operations. Subsea systems are designed for installation onto a wealth of ROVs whilst the surface systems are suitable for ship navigation onboard a variety of vessels and for specific survey vessels requiring high-grade accuracy for hydrographic survey​. ​