There are many thousand buried assets carrying supplies through our oceans from source to supplier. With all buried assets requiring regular survey and maintenance, the ever increasing demands for exact location and depth of burial for operational safety and commercial aspects mean that reliable, high performance systems are required to survey the seabed, assessing the characteristics of these assets. 

The HydroPACT family of detection systems is based on leading technology that has been continuously improved since its introduction more than two decades ago. Initially, the 340 was introduced defining high accuracy and reliable pipe tracking solutions which was further enhanced with the 440 release that featured improved algorithms and user interface. The latest addition the the HydroPACT group, the 660, is a small form factor 440 which introduces the next generation of pipe tracking specifically designed for and suited to smaller classes of ROV where size and weight of payload is of absolute importance. 

Together with the 350 which set the bar for cable tracking with an active tone, Teledyne TSS provides the most extensive product range for submarine pipe and cable detection offering an unprecedented range of products for trenchers, large work class ROVs and smaller observation class ROVs. All HydroPACT products use the same intuitive and simple-to-use topside GUI, DeepView. Having a single user interface makes it incredibly easy for customers to familiarise themselves with setting up and using a system no matter if they are performing a pipe or cable tracking survey or undertaking UXO detection applications.​​