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Teledyne SeaBotix

The Teledyne SeaBotix vectored Little Benthic Vehicle (vLBV) is the ultimate MiniROV with over 1600 units sold to nearly every corner of the world. Founded on years of research, development, and underwater industry experience, SeaBotix was incorporated in 2001 and has two decades of experience supporting commercial and military applications, with excellent results. The vLBV300 system offers features for use in a full range of applications, industries, and environments. SeaBotix ROVs are industry accepted and field-proven in real-world conditions around the globe.

Reasons for Success

The SeaBotix vLBV has the advantage of being small and lightweight, yet powerful enough to navigate currents while carrying a multitude of sensors and payloads. It is highly configurable both in the factory and in the field. Each of the components (i.e., thrusters, cameras, lights, electronics bottle, and flotation) are designed for easy installation or removal. This design concept allows for efficient upgrades, updates, and maintenance while minimizing downtime. The modular construction of the SeaBotix vLBV also allows for a longer serviceable life of the system than seen in nonmodular systems.

The adaptability of the SeaBotix ROVs coupled with the capability to operate in harsh low-visibility environments makes them ideally suited for tasks such as ship hull inspection, dam and tunnel inspection, search and recovery operations, explosive ordance displsal, and mine countermeasure applications.​ The SeaBotix vLBV has numerous benefits including:

  • • Commercial product with ITAR free possibilities
    • Field proven commercial and military operators worldwide
    • Depth rating options ranging from 250m – 950m
    • Highly capable of work in harsh environments with 4-axis maneuverability
    • Operationally intuitive for the novice or experienced ROV operator
    • Highly reconfigurable architecture
    • Small, low-logistics vehicle which is one-to-two person deployable from a dock, shore, RHIB, etc.
    • Greensea Professional Workspace provides optimized navigation and vehicle autonomy including waypoint navigation, programmable search, station-keeping, sonar target lock, and autopilots.
    • A proprietary, non-magnetic, attachment for crawling on infrastructure and ship hulls that provides unprecedented stability for the highest-quality sensor data and reduced operator fatigue

At Teledyne Marine, we are committed to strengthening the value proposition to our customer by consistently delivering:

  • • Best-in-class products, engineered solutions, and services
  • • One-stop shopping options for innovative technology solutions
  • • Reliable, consistent, and demonstrable quality program
  • • 24/7 service and support worldwide

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