Teledyne Oceanscience Hydrographic and Hydrologic Deployment Vehicles ​​​

Teledyne Oceanscience is a world leader in development of hydrographic​ and hydrologic deployment equipment designed to save survey time and improve data quality. Our major products are remotely-controlled deployment boats for acoustic Doppler current profilers and uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) for remote hydrographic survey. Our Q and Z boats can carry a variety of payloads,  The Q boats for hydrologic monitoring can accommodate most of the industry leading ADCPs including the Teledyne RD Instruments​ line of Doppler profilers. The Oceanscience Z-Boats  can accommodate both single and multibeam echosounds and offer an interchangeable sensor well that allows for rapid reconfiguration of the boat. The Z boats are also typically outfitted with GPS positioning and data telemetry.

Oceanscience has supplied the freshwater environment hydrologic monitoring equipment since 2001.  As acoustic profilers have increasingly been applied to hydrology, Oceanscience has remained at the forefront of new platform development with advanced hull designs and remotely controlled instrumentation boats.

Oceanscience Q and Z Boats are rugged, reliable solutions for remote hydrologic and hydrographic tasks saving customers time while providing a safe remote solution for monitoring or survey tasks. ​

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