Underwater infrastructures - Civil Engineering Bridges


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Underwater infrastructures worldwide need to be inspected regularly for problems caused by corrosion, scour, undercut, impact damage and debris. Diving engineers will typically inspect these structures visually when water conditions allow, and by hand when working in murky water. Divers also regularly need to work in possibly unsafe environments without knowing what the area looks like prior to getting in the water. Sonar on the other hand, can produce high accuracy 2D and 3D structure and environmental data in even zero visibility water conditions.  For these reasons, sonar is quickly becoming the tool of choice for underwater inspection of bridge structures to enhance traditional inspection methods. 

Teledyne BlueView's 2D imaging sonar is designed for high resolution imaging that provides detailed pictures in any water condition.  Imaging sonar is well suited for general inspections, environment evaluations and real time diver monitoring. They can be mounted on poles, small vessels, tripods, ROVs, and even diver hand held systems. They have the ability to image areas around bridge footers, ports, harbors, dams, as well as identify damage, debris and suspect areas which may require continued monitoring.  

With the ability to inspect with the 2D system and measure with the 3D system, Teledyne BlueView sonar is very complimentary tools.  Having the capability to record current conditions and compare with previous and future inspections enhances nearly any type of underwater inspection operation, increases the value of deliverables, and improves the safety of inspection divers by raising their situational awareness.  These are some of the many advantages of utilizing underwater imaging equipment.

Post Construction 2D inspection​

​Teledyne BlueView's 2D Forward Looking Imaging Sonar used to image concrete mattress and sand bags on the river bed around a bridge footer to verify the placement is correct according to the contract.​

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Post construction 3D verification​

​3D underwater imaging is used frequently to verify construction projects are completed to specification in low to zero visibility conditions.​

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BlueView 2D sonar demo​

​​Experience the BlueView 2D sonar onboard the vessel Odin.

In this video​ we will give you a demonstration of the BlueView 2D Sonar from the cockpit of Odin.​


  • Bridge inspections
  • Undercut evaluation
  • Scour monitoring
  • Damage inspec​tion
  • Post construction verification


        • Project progress tracking
        • 'As Is', 'As Built' 3D renderings
        • Change detection from one inspection to the next
        • Processed .xyz data for import into standard hydrographic software to produce:
          • Depth sounding charts
            • Bottom profiles
            • Contour Charts
            • Volume calculations for r​​emediation planning


          • Simple deployment
          • High resolution imagery
          • Seasonal change detection
          • Bottom depth charts
          • Create contour maps
          • ​3D point cloud historical record​​​