Looking for a forward looking sonar system?


​​​​​​​​​​​​Navigating the depths of underwater exploration can be challenging and the need for having a forward-looking sonar​ that can do the job even in murky waters is crucial.

However, finding the right forward-looking sonar​ can often feel like searching for a lighthouse in a thick fog. This is why we would like to give you our top five reasons why a BlueView MK2 is a good choice and explain how it stands out in the competitive field of underwater imaging. Dive in with us to discover the wonders of the Blueview product line.

Reason 1:​ Enhanced Options for Versatility​

The BlueView Mk2 offers extensive customization to suit a variety of underwater operations. Customers can choose between single-frequency and dual-frequency systems, with the former operating at 900 kHz and the latter offering a combination of 900 kHz and 2250 kHz for diverse applications.

Additionally, the product is available in two depth variations: a 1000-meter-rated aluminum housing for standard operations and a robust 6000-meter-rated titanium housing for deep-sea exploration. It also features three connector variants to ensure compatibility with new and existing systems.

Reason 2: Dual Frequency System for Comprehensive Imaging​

One of the standout features of the BlueView Mk2​ is its dual-frequency capability, which allows users to switch between 900 kHz for general navigation and obstacle avoidance and 2250 kHz for close-up inspections and diver tracking.

This flexibility makes the BlueView Mk2 an exceptionally versatile tool for marine researchers and engineers who require detailed imaging close to the seafloor.

Reason 3: Commitment to Reliability​

Teledyne Marine has enhanced the reliability of the BlueView Mk2 by incorporating splash mate connectors that prevent leakage and potential system failures.

Moreover, the device is manufactured in the same Danish facility as the acclaimed SeaBat 7123-MkII​ advanced dual-use high resolution sonar​ and the flagship T51 Teledyne RESON SeaBat system​. This consolidation of manufacturing processes ensures that the BlueView Mk2 benefits from the highest standards of acoustic engineering and build quality.

Reason 4: User-Friendly Experience​

Ease of use is a critical component of the BlueView Mk2​. It is designed to be plug-and-play with minimal setup required and features intuitive BlueView ProViewer software.

The software comes pre-configured with auto settings, although users can adjust these settings to suit their specific operational needs better.

Reason 5: Unparalleled Data Quality​

The BlueView Mk2 sets a new standard in data quality for underwater imaging systems. Its open-nose cone design allows for clear detection and identification of objects up to 100 meters away, significantly enhancing the range and clarity of underwater data collection.

This improvement in data quality is crucial for applications requiring precise, high-resolution imaging.

To sum-up

​The BlueView Mk2 from Teledyne Marine offers enhanced versatility, improved reliability, ease of use, and superior data quality. All features that make it an ideal choice for marine applications, from scientific research to complex subsea engineering projects.


Whether you're a seasoned marine professional or new to underwater exploration, the BlueView Mk2​ is designed to meet the diverse needs of the underwater community.