MB & Laser Scan Survey in Elbe, Germany


In October 2015, Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) surveyed an old quay wall at Veddelhoeft, Northern Elbe, above and below of the water line in order to investigate the stability of the structure.​​​​​​​​


Area monitored at Veddelhoeft, Northern Elbe: 30.000m²

To carry out the survey HPA used a SeaBat T50-P multibeam echosounder interfaced with an Applanix POS MV system.  The multibeam echosounder was combined with a Riegl VZ400 laser scanner


Quay wall at Veddelhoeft showing data of the combined multibeam echosounder and laser scan survey.


The ultra-high resolution, portable SeaBat T50-P multibeam echosounder​​​​, was launched at the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego, October 2015 and is a new addition to the SeaBat T-series, introduced in the beginning of 2013 as a completely new product generation, built from the ground up. Combined with the Portable Sonar Processor, the SeaBat T50-P delivers unprecedented clean survey data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time. The T50-P has been extremely well received by the market leading to record breaking sales in the first quarter of 2016.​


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