​Teledyne TSS' extensive suite of motion sensors range from static, entry point, cost-effective roll and pitch sensors to the highest grade, industry standard, dynamic, full range attitude and heave sensors. This product range is made possible through many decades of experience with various sensing technologies, and new generation releases of product. The sensor selection manifests itself in the choice of accelerometers which is an integral part of any motion sensor.

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For applications including survey tasks, or when providing safety critical monitoring of offshore platforms, large vessels, helicopter landing decks, cranes and positioning systems which require absolute accuracy and stability, quartz accelerometers are the ideal technology. Quartz sensors excel with very low noise and stable properties over temperature and other environmental influences. This provides a suite of sensors designed to enable high productive hydrographic survey and motion compensation in all sea conditions. The DMS range is proven to negate the errors associated with motion and will exceed the requirement of IHO standards.​​​