Teledyne Gavia provides three different AUV product lines with depth ratings from 500m to 6,000m.


500m or 1,000m rated

THE GAVIA AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE (AUV) is a self-contained, low logistics, modular survey platform capable of delivering high quality data while operating from vessels of opportunity or from the shore.

Gavia Modularity - The AUV's modularity makes it easily reconfigurable, even between dives. The Gavia AUV's ease of use and versatility sets it apart from other systems on the market. One Gavia system can serve a multitude of purposes without sacrificing performance or data quality.


2,000m rated

THE OSPREY AUV builds upon the Gavia the world's first truly open and modular AUV.  The Osprey AUV has a 324 mm diameter in order to carry additional energy allowing for extended operational endurances in excess of 24 hours (configuration dependent)  while increasing the depth rating to a 2,000 meter depth rating of the proven Gavia design. 

Osprey Modularity - The modular mechanical, electrical, and network interfaces enable easy sharing, swapping, replacement, and new technology insertion within all components. The Teledyne QuickLock Mechanism is a high strength interlock that joins the modules and maintains water-tight integrity. Mechanical/electrical blind-mating, proven in the Gavia AUV, facilitates rapid vehicle assembly/disassembly, and repair. 


3,000m or 6,000m rated

The SEARAPTOR™ is a survey grade deep water autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed to operate at abyssal depths. A wide range of sensors allow the SeaRaptor™ to complete several types of missions including: broad area search with side-scan sonar, hydro​graphic survey with multibeam and sub bottom profiler, and high resolution inspection survey with camera and acoustic sonar. These surveys support a variety of applications, such as search and recovery, salvage, exploration, construction support, marine archaeology, and oceanography​. The SeaRaptor AUV is depth rated to 3000m or 6000m.

SeaRaptor Modularity - The vehicle offers several payload ports that provide serial communication, Ethernet, and power. These ports can be used for field swappable sensors. In addition, removable batteries and data storage enable rapid turn-around to maximize operating time.​